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Hampden, ME


B bar C Farm breeds pure German Angoras as well as German and French Angora hybrids. While the iconic German Angoras are held to historical registration standards, and are sold for breeding and wool production, the black and grey German and French hybrids are bred on our farm specifically for their unique wool.

Raw wool available by the ounce. Angora and Angora blend yarns also available in varying weights.

Angora Rabbit Care

Angoras aren't your regular pet bunnies

We love pets because they add so much value to our lives. When it comes to breeding and raising Angora rabbits, however, it's necessary to take into consideration that they require specific environment, grooming, and maintenance standards. IAGARB explicitly details the official standards of care, which include Housing, Caging, Equipment, Nutrition/Water, Sanitation/Rabbit Care, and Environmental Concerns.


German Angoras do not molt in the same way other breeds do, and therefore must always be groomed to keep the coat in good condition. Wool needs to be harvested regularly by shearing. French and German hybrids, however, may molt, depending on which breed's dominant traits appear; once the rabbit is a few months old, molting may become apparent. Both German and French and German hybrids require monthly nail clipping for health and comfort.


Angoras are housed in wire cages which measure a minimum of 8 square feet. An all-wire cage prevents contact with wet and soiled bedding. This not only keeps the rabbit and its fiber clean, it also prevents unnecessary exposure to parasites and harmful bacteria.

Food & Water

Rabbits must have a fresh water supply at all times. In terms of food, they are fed pellets and hay. The daily amount of pellets ranges from 4 to 8 ounces, depending on the rabbit's age and weight.

Click here for Maine Angora Producers'  Beginner's Guide to Angora Rabbit Care

Click here for Maine Angora Producers' Beginner's Guide to Angora Rabbit Care