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Hampden, ME


B bar C Farm breeds pure German Angoras as well as German and French Angora hybrids. While the iconic German Angoras are held to historical registration standards, and are sold for breeding and wool production, the black and grey German and French hybrids are bred on our farm specifically for their unique wool.

Raw wool available by the ounce. Angora and Angora blend yarns also available in varying weights.

Breed History & Guidelines

B bar C Angoras: Breed history and guidelines

By the early 20th Century, a protocol for production testing had been established for Angora rabbits in Germany. Wool derived from Angoras was officially evaluated for quality of texture as well as its performance during and after processing. The International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB) now lists its registration criteria on a scale of 100 points. However, just as the original German standard mandated, IAGARB will never award a full 100 points, and has no champion or grand champion designations. This is to promote constant innovation and improvement in the breed.  


IAGARB's Seven Positions of the German Standard:


1. Weight
2. Body Type
3. Wool Density & Length
4. Wool Uniformity
5. Wool Texture
6. Furnishings
7. Condition


For further information on German Angora history
and breed standards, please see IAGARB's comprehensive website.